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After the wedding ceremony, it is the time to relax with your beloved. Step into a new life by planning honeymoon to Agra, INDIA– India’s premier Honeymoon destination -  AGRA

To experience the Taj Mahal – A symbol of passion &  love 

Make the visit to Agra - a most memorable and unforgettable experience with us.

Depending upon the budget and number of days in hand we can weave a itinerary around it.


Perfect honeymoons don't just happen. They have to be carefully planned. That’s what we are good at. We strive to make it perfect, romantic, exciting and memorable.

Work the magic on your marriage with a honeymoon in India with a visit to the   Taj Mahal


   *** - In case you are are holding any passport other than Indian.


Passport name change - if you are going to change your passport into your married name make sure that all documents and booking details are all in the same name and not a mixture of maiden and married name as this could result in refusal entry into the country.

Below photograph by Steve with due permission


Taj Mahal Holidays
   Taj with Yoga
   Taj with Forts of Rajasthan
   Taj with Kashmir
   Taj with Heritage tour of Rajasthan
   Taj with footsteps of Buddha
   Taj with Backwaters & houseboat
   Taj with Sacred Ganges
   Taj with Tiger
   Taj with Erotic Khajuraho
   Taj with Other heritage sites
   Taj with Pushkar
   Taj with Romantic Kerala
   Taj with Goa
   Taj with Mumbai
   Taj with Kaziranga
   Taj with Ancestral roots
   Taj with Mathura & Vrindavan
   Taj with Golden Temple
   Taj Mahal with Hampi
   Taj Mahal with Varanasi
  Taj mahal with wedding
Distances From Agra
Taj Mahal Tours
   Delhi (203 km)
   Khajuraho (393 km)
   Lucknow (363 km)
   Sikandra (10 km)
   Varanasi (577 km)
   Mathura-Vrindavan (58 km)
   Gwalior (118 km)
   Jaipur (232 km)
   Same day Trip to Agra by Train
   Same day Trip to Agra by Car


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