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Delhi -  Rishikesh –Delhi –Agra - Delhi
Day 01

On arrival at Delhi, our representative will meet and assist you at the airport. Later transfer and check into the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 02 - Shivpuri - Rishikesh

After breakfast you will be met at the hotel and transfer to Rishikesh where after check-in you will be taken for a guided tour of the city and visit the various ashrams. This town is famous world over for its spiritual significance after "The Beatles" stayed here for a month in the seventies for meditation. Overnight in hotel. After a welcome drink and acclimatization briefing about the whole program, followed by introduction to the Yoga teacher. Evening dinner & overnight at hotel.


What is Yoga ?
The word Yoga means to "yoke" mind, body and soul. Through the practice of Yoga, one unites body, mind and soul. Yoga Asanas (poses) keep one's body young, dynamic, supple, strong and healthy. Yoga is a science which disentangles the Jiva (Human) from the phenomenal world of sense objects and links him with the Ananat Ananda (infinite bliss). Yoga originated at around 4th century BC. Yoga and its sutras were invented and developed by Sage Patanjali during that era. The common Yoga is also known as patanjali's Ashtang Yoga (An Eight part process).

What are the eight aspects of yoga ?
Yama- 5 universal disciplines of ahimsa (non-violence), satya (truth), asteya (non-stealing), brahmacharya (self control) and aparigraha (non-covetousness).
Niyama- 5 personal values of saucha (cleanliness), santosha (contentment), tapas (penance), svadhaya (self study), ishvarapranidhana (surrender to God).
Asana- yogic postures to be performed.
Pranayama- control and regulation of the life-force prana through the breath.
Pratayahara- withdrawl of the five senses to steady the mind.
Dharna- concentration.
Dhyana- meditation.
Samadhi- adsorption or the state of oneness with God.


Taj Mahal Holidays
   Taj with Yoga
   Taj with Forts of Rajasthan
   Taj with Kashmir
   Taj with Heritage tour of Rajasthan
   Taj with footsteps of Buddha
   Taj with Backwaters & houseboat
   Taj with Sacred Ganges
   Taj with Tiger
   Taj with Erotic Khajuraho
   Taj with Other heritage sites
   Taj with Pushkar
   Taj with Romantic Kerala
   Taj with Goa
   Taj with Mumbai
   Taj with Kaziranga
   Taj with Ancestral roots
   Taj with Mathura & Vrindavan
   Taj with Golden Temple
   Taj Mahal with Hampi
   Taj Mahal with Varanasi
  Taj mahal with wedding
Distances From Agra
Taj Mahal Tours
   Delhi (203 km)
   Khajuraho (393 km)
   Lucknow (363 km)
   Sikandra (10 km)
   Varanasi (577 km)
   Mathura-Vrindavan (58 km)
   Gwalior (118 km)
   Jaipur (232 km)
   Same day Trip to Agra by Train
   Same day Trip to Agra by Car


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