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   The Complex
   Architechture of the Taj Mahal
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   Mumtaz Mahal
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How To Reach Taj Mahal
By Air

Agra's very own Kheria airport is barely 5 km from the city . All the major domestic airlines provide flight services to and from the city of Taj, and is easily accessible by taxis and auto-rickshaws (tuk tuks).

By Train
Agra is well connected by excellent train services from Delhi. However the two major railway stations are Agra Fort Railway Station and Agra Cantonment Railway Station. Raja-ki-Mandi is also a popular stopover point in the city. Most of the trains running across India pass through the former two railway stations including the luxury train 'Palace on Wheels' and the super express trains known as Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express.

By Road

Express Bus services (a/c and non-a/c) are available from Delhi and Jaipur

For those driving to Agra, the distances are mentioned in the left-bottom of the Page.
















Taj Mahal Holidays
   Taj with Yoga
   Taj with Forts of Rajasthan
   Taj with Kashmir
   Taj with Heritage tour of Rajasthan
   Taj with footsteps of Buddha
   Taj with Backwaters & houseboat
   Taj with Sacred Ganges
   Taj with Tiger
   Taj with Erotic Khajuraho
   Taj with Other heritage sites
   Taj with Pushkar
   Taj with Romantic Kerala
   Taj with Goa
   Taj with Mumbai
   Taj with Kaziranga
   Taj with Ancestral roots
   Taj with Mathura & Vrindavan
   Taj with Golden Temple
   Taj Mahal with Hampi
   Taj Mahal with Varanasi
  Taj mahal with wedding
Distances From Agra
Taj Mahal Tours
   Delhi (203 km)
   Khajuraho (393 km)
   Lucknow (363 km)
   Sikandra (10 km)
   Varanasi (577 km)
   Mathura-Vrindavan (58 km)
   Gwalior (118 km)
   Jaipur (232 km)
   Same day Trip to Agra by Train
   Same day Trip to Agra by Car


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